Security and Ethics

For us, data protection, security and transparency are at the centre of our daily concerns. Let us explain it to you!

Think about what happens to the data you collect or submit online.

Do you regularly use or respond to online data collection services such as forms, surveys, information collection services or file reception? Think about what happens to your data once it has been collected... Users of these services can be the most benevolent people in the world. Once your data is stored on the servers of companies such as Google, you cannot request its removal and ensure that it is not used for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected. This may raise issues of security, confidentiality or data sovereignty.


Informations collected in 2020 on our different services and products

Respecting the users, our priority!

Our first commitment is to provide you with a trustworthy environment that respects your data and ensures that it will not be used for purposes other than your decisions. DAVESE and all of its services or partners do not use any personal data. The information deposited on our various interfaces is secure and is not resold, exchanged or used for purposes other than those intended by the customer!

GDPR / RGPD compliant

All DAVESE services respect European laws and cultures and contribute to the development of the digital economy in all the countries of the European Union and the European continent.

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Content moderation

DAVESE and all of its brands, products and services cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the use made of its services. However, we have put in place an active and precise moderation policy in order to avoid as much as possible the use of our services to generate actions that go against the respect and integrity of individuals.

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