Each year a part of our turnover is allocated to support a cause or a major challenge in our world. Discover them here!

More than a simple initiative, it is a commitment. We are convinced that a good entrepreneurial activity is also a positive societal impact. To achieve this, we take an ethical approach in the services we offer and we try to carry out complementary actions with various associations and organisations to reinforce our impact. Each year we carefully observe current events and try to support a particularly striking and important cause in the news. Unfortunately the choice is not easy.We are happy to allow our team and our clients, through their commitment to us, to have a complementary impact on society.

2020 - Donations for coronavirus research (COVID-19)

The world is affected by an unprecedented health crisis. The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is causing a large and growing number of infected people to develop respiratory complications, some of which are very serious. This situation requires all countries to take major measures (confinement of the population, intense mobilisation of health personnel, cessation of activity by many companies, accelerated research, etc.).

This crisis also requires unprecedented health organisation and a major supply of equipment to treat the contaminated, protect health workers and ensure the good health of the population.In this context, DAVESE's 1% solidarity initiative for the year 2020 has been donated to the "all united against the virus" initiative led by the Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Institut Pasteur, who are joining forces to help carers, researchers and those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus (covid-19). Unable to devote time directly in the field due to the confinement, we decided to make WIIN (our SaaS data collection  and analysis solution) available to benefit those who are launching initiatives directly related to the current situation (calls for projects, surveys, observatories, funding...).

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2019 - Engaging in the sustainability of forests

The year 2019 has seen dramatic situations for many forests around the world. In addition to the "usual" annual deforestation of more than 13 million hectares, 2019 saw two particularly significant forest fires:

- The first concerns the Amazonian forest, more than 40,000 fires ravaged this forest from January to August 2019. In total, more than 906,000 hectares have evaporated...
- The second fire began in June 2019 and severely affected Australia until March 2020. More than 18 million hectares were devastated, with a significant impact on the fauna and flora, which were lastingly affected.  

Other fires take place every year around the world, but the exceptional intensity of these two episodes makes 2019 the record year for forest fires (6,375 megatonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere).This is why this year, DAVESE wanted to focus its commitment on forest preservation by joining forces with, which campaigns for communities and nations to manage their forests and natural resources sustainably for the benefit of our climate, our environment and humanity.

At DAVESE, from the very beginning of our adventure, we have been raising awareness on a daily basis to control our ecological impact and to contribute to reducing deforestation around the world. To do this, we use the Ecosia search engine as much as possible, we have an internal policy that aims to reduce our paper consumption as much as possible and, of course, we recommend our data collection solution via online forms to avoid as much as possible the use of paper forms, which sometimes have to be printed several times, an unsustainable approach.

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